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Paradox of Thought and Emotion

This is a quote from a post on Jake’s Blog.

I sit with my face placed keenly between my knees, pleading with the void for something more than this; for something more than me. I try hard to clothe my nakedness with noise, and as my heart beats… they ring true with a knowledge beyond their comprehension: I am alone.

It’s amazing… because I could say the exact same thing, using the exact same words, but yet, we both are expressing these ideas with a very different meaning and and a very different emotion attached. Weird… Huh?

Quote of the Week

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

-Albert Pine

A Gasp of My Soul

Things have been hard here lately. It almost seems as if people are like puzzle pieces. You start out as one lonely puzzle piece, you find another piece that seems to fit right up next to you, and you continue through this process over and over again, until all of your lives come together to form a big picture. But now, I feel like a defective puzzle piece… all alone. Better yet, I’m a puzzle piece that has been misplaced into the wrong box. The pieces I connect with are somewhere else. All I’m left with is the hope that sometime soon I will find those that which I can connect with, a place where I am a part of a a big picture.

Have my friends moved on, have I become a fond but distant memory? I can recall a time when I had begun to get a glimpse of what the bigger picture looked like. Have my fellow puzzle pieces continued to build their picture without me? I have these images in my brain of a picture coming together but my piece is not there. The pieces I was once connected to have gone on without me… discovering more and more of the big picture. How much I long to be a part of something again. How tired I have become of trying to connect to a picture that I’m not part of.

The problem with disconnection is that without it, I have no way of fulfilling my purpose. It’s like life without oxygen, a slow a painful suffocation of my soul. I’ve become a witness to my own soul’s deterioration. This is the sound of my soul gasping for community!

Quote of the Week

Temptations are overcome by patience and meek suffering. What is Patience? – A glad and willing suffering of troubles.

-John Wycliffe

My Birthday Adventure With My Friends!

I had alot of fun on my Birthday a couple of weeks ago. I spent all day at Animal Kingdom. I went on a Safari, I climbed Everest, I Found Nemo the Musical, I went back in time in search of a Dinosaur, and I was entertained by a bunch of bugs in a Gynormous Tree! Did I forget to mention all of my friends!

I also had dinner at the new Yak & Yeti Restaurant. The food was good, but the dessert was the best dessert I’ve ever had, LOOK AT THIS! Fried Wontons with Cream Cheese Inside on skewers with pineapple and strawberries, drizzled with a honey sauce. AWESOME!

You may notice someone missing from all of the above pictures, you see because I was avoiding Mickey because I thought he might be a little mad because of this photo!

Sorry Mickey, it was just a Birthday Kiss!

What About You?


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Take 20 minutes – LEARN SOMETHING!

Hi guys, I saw this on the other day, I really think you should take 20 minutes out of your day to learn something… I did! Watch this!

“THE STORY OF STUFF” click here for more information!

No wonder we have people in Third World countries who hate us, we are a nation that only holds 5% of the world’s population yet we use up 30% of the world’s resources. We are stealing 25% of the resources from other parts of the world just to maintain our lavish lifestyles! – WOW!

ORU TV Singers Meet American Idol

At ORU we had a group of singers who would sing on Richard and Lindsey Robert’s TV show, we called them the ORU TV Singers and they looked just like this. Even at a Christian college the ensemble auditions were about politics and popularity. So this was a flash back to my college days. Thank you American Idol! (that was sarcasm… just so you know) At least ORU would have got the words correct!

Just out of curiosity what do you think about American Idol performing America’s most popular worship song? (Written in Australia)

Praying For Time

I’ve spent time in several churches in the span of my “christian” life and in many of those churches it was a regular custom to pray for Jesus not to tarry and for Him to come back for His church quickly. My perspective now is quite the opposite. Lately I’ve found myself, more and more often, praying for more time. I wonder if the people who are praying for Jesus to come quick realize that they’re going to be held responsible for the condition of our world. Do they know that…
– Every day approximately 30,000 people die from extreme poverty.
– One billion people live off less than a dollar a day.
– Twelve million African children have lost one or both parents to AIDS.
Maybe we all should be praying for more time?

Inspired by the George Michael song: Praying For Time

Quote of the Week

It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.

-Rose Kennedy