Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Quote of the Week

If it’s a broken part replace it. If it’s a broken arm then brace it. If it’s a broken heart then face it.

-Jason Mraz

Home!? (Part 1)

“Home” has meant so many different things to me over the years… Who am I kidding? “Home” is one of those words Kierkigaard could use 20 times in one sentence and mean something diferent each time he uses it. I’m not sure what “Home” is, really.
When you’re gone on vacation “home” is the feeling you get when you get to sleep in your own bed for a change.
When you’re young and you scrap up your knee, “home” is a hug from Mom, or when your nervous or scared about something its a pat on the back from Dad.

Even though all of that is still there, as you grow older “home” also grows out of it’s confines of immediate family.
“Home” becomes the feeling you get when you are with your best friend.
“Home” becomes the feeling of being understood and completely understanding another person.
“Home” is being around someone who knows you messed up but is willing to stand there with you anyway.
“Home” is the feeling of loving and being loved by a sea of friends and family.

The list goes on and on. I could keep going but for everyone of these definitions of “home” I wonder how many more there must be and what does that mean? It really appears to me that I may have been created for a “home” of which I’ve only seen bits and pieces.

In order to get a better picture of what “home” really means I need to hear from you guys. When is it that you feel like you’re “home?”

***Pictures Added to my Gallery

Alright everybody… Over the past few months I have seen many changes take place in my life, many of them left me feeling lonely, confused, and sometimes desperate. There has been a few changes here a little more recently that could be considered good and that is the excuse I am giving for not posting much lately. I guess if you want to know more, you will just have to wait… or call me!

***Oh yea… I have added some new pictures to my picture gallery of my trip home, my night at the Magic Kingdom with My Parents, and a Drawing… so enjoy!