Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Quote of the Week

“I argued that the truth which is in God cannot be attained by any one man, but can only be reached by the union of all men through love. In order to attain truth we must not go each his own way; and, to avoid division, we must have love one to the other, and bear with things which we do not agree.”
– Tolstoy

Quote of the Week

“Love is not based on the willingness to listen, to understand the problems of others, or to tolerate their otherness. Love is based on the mutuality of the confession of our total self to each other…
If we are willing to believe that the wheat can only come to full maturity if we allow the weeds to exist in the same field, we don’t have to be afraid of every conflict. ”

-Henri Nouwen

Happy 08/08/08!

HAPPY 08/08/08 Everybody… it only comes around every 100 years! I hope you did something special… Here are some pictures showing how I celebrated this very uniquie, once in a lifetime holiday!