Home!? (Part 1)

“Home” has meant so many different things to me over the years… Who am I kidding? “Home” is one of those words Kierkigaard could use 20 times in one sentence and mean something diferent each time he uses it. I’m not sure what “Home” is, really.
When you’re gone on vacation “home” is the feeling you get when you get to sleep in your own bed for a change.
When you’re young and you scrap up your knee, “home” is a hug from Mom, or when your nervous or scared about something its a pat on the back from Dad.

Even though all of that is still there, as you grow older “home” also grows out of it’s confines of immediate family.
“Home” becomes the feeling you get when you are with your best friend.
“Home” becomes the feeling of being understood and completely understanding another person.
“Home” is being around someone who knows you messed up but is willing to stand there with you anyway.
“Home” is the feeling of loving and being loved by a sea of friends and family.

The list goes on and on. I could keep going but for everyone of these definitions of “home” I wonder how many more there must be and what does that mean? It really appears to me that I may have been created for a “home” of which I’ve only seen bits and pieces.

In order to get a better picture of what “home” really means I need to hear from you guys. When is it that you feel like you’re “home?”

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  • well, for me ‘home’ is a feeling that changes every once in a while — I think that’s because it is something we are ever working toward attaining. I don’t know that ‘home’ can ever be satisfied until we reach that ultimate goal — the home God has for us in heaven. I think Earth is designed that way — so that we can be just satisfied enough that we want more…either that or we’ve become more and more greedy throughout the years.

    I like what you said, though, about home being a feeling more than a place.
    I think that’s very true. Part of that may be, though, because we don’t really know what home feels like, and we may never know what home feels like until we are there…

    that was a little random, sorry. thanks for the CDs — I’m loving the music!
    hope things are going well for you.


  • Thanks Melissa… I’m glad you’re enjoying the music. I agree with you home does change quite often… do you have any actual examples of what home feels like to you? What gives you the feeling of home… so that I can compare and contrast and get a bigger picture of what home (heaven) may look like?

  • Ahh…so thats where you are going with this….what is home, and therefore what is heaven? Sometimes I not sure how to answer your questions because I’m not sure what you are REALLY getting at.

    Anywayz…to me home is a place where I feel safe, but more so my sense of home is wrapped up in the people who make me feel safe and loved. I stay in my little town because of the people. ORU felt like a second home because of the people. So I don’t know if that helps you at all…or if you will want me to elaborate more…but I’m going to go walk the dog now so I’ll chat with you later! I hope all is going well for you!

  • Thanks Sarah… HA HA! Sorry that I stump you with my questions… I hope you don’t ever think I’m trying to trap you with my questions.

    I love questions… I can spend hours and hours just thinking about the possible answers to questions. The world has so much mystery!

    Alright… so there is Sarah and Melissa’s Ideas… What about the rest of you out there?

  • What is “home”? I thought this was a really easy one for me. Home is where your family, friends, and loved ones are. The place you grow-up, get a hug after a hard day, find a loving,safe haven away from a troubled world, and the place you make may precious memories. But as I really thought about it, questions started flooding my mind.

    Is home still home when your children grow-up and move away? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. I think about my friend whose children are grown and scattered, her husband died of cancer and now she lives alone. Is home where your children are? Does home for my friend feel more like heaven now with her husband there? Is home still the place where memories are? But what if you’re alone now and have to move to a new home where there are no memories? I’m sure that place doesn’t feel like home. What about a child who is abused and feels unloved, do they feel like they have a home at all? Is home just the place where you go to lay your head at night, eat, and keep your possessions?

    I’ve always had a special saying decorating my home-“Home is where the heart is”. So maybe “home” is many places-where you loved, grew-up, and made old memories; where you live now making new memories; where your children, friends, and loved ones are. Then there is our “heavenly home” we are to be looking forward to.

    I can’t believe I’m even suggesting this because I put so much of myself and emphasis on family and “home”, but maybe we put too much emphasis on “home”. Jesus didn’t seem to during His 3 years of ministry, at least here on earth, did He? In fact He didn’t have a home and called all of His disciples to leave their homes. Maybe “home” keeps us sometimes from doing what Jesus really calls us to do because we don’t want to leave our family and home.

    I don’t know-what are your thoughts?

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