KEvin as an Inanimate Object

So now I know. Now I know what it feels like to sit in a corner, unused, untouched, and ignored. Now I know what it must feel like to say “When somebody loved me everything was beautiful.” You know what I think the worst part is, the waiting. One day you are being used, played with, and you have a purpose and then it just stops. So you spend everyday thinking, is this the day I will become useful again, is this the day someone will find a reason to give me a purpose. It’s definitely the waiting that drives you crazy.
I remember when Jacob dropped my 300gb hard drive. I’m sure if it had feelings it got tired of the waiting because there is a process you go through when things break, an analysis process. You have to decide whether or not it is worth the time, effort, and money it will take to repair that object or if you should simply replace it. Yea… the waiting has to hurt the worst. It’s like an innocent prisoner being convicted and waiting on his sentence. The story with my hard drive, ended well for him (not so much for me). The hard drive held so many unbacked up, unreplaceable memories, in the form of documents and pictures, that I couldn’t just replace it, so I needed to fix it. So I invested over $2,000 into fixing that thing and holding onto those cherished memories. It was worth it… for me and for him.

Kevin now knows how it feels to be a broken inanimate object waiting and wondering if he is worth fixing or just replaceable.

2 Responses to “KEvin as an Inanimate Object”

  • I think that the quite distinct difference between an inanimate object and your self is that you have the ability to fulfill your own destiny, your own purpose. You weren’t created to fulfill someone elses.

    One would find that you, my friend, are waiting to live. Waiting to be. Waiting for all but that which brings you salvation: the movement. The hope that propels. The action propelled by the hope. You are waiting to be rescued, hoping that someone, anyone will find some kind of value in you. When in reality the only value that has any affect on your ability to fulfill your purpose is that which your creator endowed you with and therefore that which you find in yourself. Because until you find that, dear Kevin, you will just continue to wait under a bed and your life will pass you by without ever being filled with the joy that is Kevin Dunn!

    You have value. You hold the key to the happiness of many. You are my friend and that will never change!

  • I agree with what you say! The issue here, is that I am trying to move forward but I only end up backwards. Jake, you know me better than anyone else in the entire world! When I realize something needs to change I work my butt off to change it. And I have successfully changed many things over the years. I’m broken. I can’t change this one, I need someone who values me in their life enough to take on the task of helping me find those fixes and encouraging me to fix them. The person who, I thought, valued who I was the most was you. I’m not sure I’ve done much valuable in anyone elses life that they would care that much. And that’s my fault and that will change!

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