Be Careful! (A Warning for Myself.)

It is easy to become blinded by ones own search for contentment and happiness, especially when happiness is placed where it does not belong.

In the parable of the “Wicked Husbandmen” (Matthew 21:33-46) Jesus clearly demonstrates for us the danger of this. He tells us of an owner of a vineyard who basically leases his vineyard out to a few folks who quickly became short sighted and selfish and used the vineyard as a means to support their every wish and desire. They began to imagine themselves as masters of this beautiful and fruitful vineyard. Their blindness, imagination, and delusions lead them into a series of foolish and cruel actions, which resulted in the exile.

So it is for each one of us that imagines this life as our own and begin to believe we have the right to enjoy it in such a way as may seem good to us, without recognizing our obligations to each other. The husbandmen seemed to forget or just didn’t wish to remember that the vineyard was given to them fully hedged and labored and that it was expected of them to labor in turn for others. How often do we forget about the things that have been provided to us and never realize that we are only where we are because of others and we owe it to them and to God to labor and work so that others may have what we have as well.

Lord, may you help me to remember that a life lived for my own contentment and happiness is a life of robbery. I am meant to labor and work for the lives around me. We were meant to live for so much more!

I will say this… It’s one thing to know and understand this concept but it is a whole other thing to try and put it into practice. To lose yourself for someone else is a very difficult thing to practice especially with very little accountability. But maybe this is how it starts, by giving up the most important thing to my own contentment.

Any thoughts anybody?

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  • I agree that this is very difficult to do. It is much easier to give to those who will appreciate what you do. I am hesitant to give to someone who probably will not respond positively. But I think that is why we do all things unto the Lord. We give to God and whatever people do with our gifts is between them and God.

    Also- I’m sorry I keep missing your call!! I swear I’m not trying to avoid you- I’ll try you again this week. Love ya!

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