My Christmas Wishes!

My Christmas Wishes for the suckiest year of all, 2008!

1. I wish that the words I’m sorry, If I’ve doing something wrong I will change, and I love you fixed every relationship.

2. I wish we were all more capable of having lasting and meaningful friendships and relationships.

3. I wish we all didn’t just want to bail when things get hard and that there was an easy solution for dealing with real strong emotional betrayal.

4. I wish ALL of my friends to find contentment, peace, and grace. And for us all to find a way to be content in a world with pain, greed, lust, and all the selfish stuff.

5. I hope we can all discover a lifestyle that leads to mankind’s salvation; a life of self sacrifice and continual service to others; a simple life… where everyone else matters more than ourselves.

Sitting here I fully recognize that my wishes for the next year consist of many sides. Most of them selfish, while others are hopes for a more selfless life. I see that inside my self I hold corners of my heart that remain extremely selfish and others that cry out and even demand selflessness. I really hope that my life, my soul, my journey, and my inner struggle will all one day hold on to all the hopes and dreams of a completely selfless person, but for now this is who I am. Love me or Leave me!

And I selfishly hope you love me!

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