A Friendship Interrupted

Surrounded on all sides by anguish and pain I have found myself paralyzed. I can no longer sleep, I cry uncontrollably for hours. I can’t seem to be reached by consoling words. I struggle to have any interest in other people’s problems. Food has lost it’s taste, I no longer see or hear the beauty in music, art, or nature. All has become dark.
And all of this has been triggered by a sudden and abrupt interruption of a friendship. Among my many friends, one had been able to touch me in a way I had never been touched before. Our friendship encouraged me to allow myself to be loved and cared for with greater trust and confidence than ever before. It was a totally new experience for me, the last several years have been awesome! They have brought me immense joy and peace.
Although now… it seems as if a door of my interior life has been opened, a door that had remained locked during a lot of my young life. But now this deeply satisfying friendship has become the road to my anguish, because now I have discovered that the enormous space that has been opened for me can no longer be filled by the one who opened it. What’s interesting is that right as I begun to realize that I had become quite possessive, needy, and dependent, that’s when the friendship fell apart; leaving me to feel abandoned, rejected, and betrayed.

A Friendship Interrupted because friendships never die! (At least that’s what I believe.)

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