My Trip Home in May

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Cassy showing off her great sense of direction.
Notice my phone sitting on the ledge... I set it down to take this picture... and guess what... I left it there!
So there is a story about this picture.  Jake and I were walking down the trail and he called me a @#$*... so beat him up!  The boy didn't walk straight for days, If I remember correctly he spent some time in the hospital.
How gay is Jake? So gay that he didn't want to get his shoes wet and was to afraid to hold on as I carried him across because he didn't want people to think he was gay. That's how gay Jake is!
The Best Picture of Jake I've ever seen and I've seen alot! I like this one!
Oops, not the greatest face there Raeann! That's Better!
I like this picture!
This was fun!
Photos 1 - 60 out of 60 | Back to Albums
Description: May 2008 trip home to see my friends!
Location: Decatur, IL

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