Janice, Emily, and Amanda at Disney World Part2

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Date added: 10-29-2008

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  • / Oi Bruno! Combina sim. Vou postar uma in§sÃraipão da semana com slip on e calça qualquer dia desses para você ver como fica legal… Abraço!

  • that it was a happy arrangement. In fact, as he shows in Paying For It, he was initially unhappy at the thought of moving away from Sook-Yin’s place when the time came for him to move out. So Chester’s problem is not that he can’t live with someone; rather its that he doesn’t want a conventional romantic relationship and is much happier with the paying arrangement he currently has.

  • Also expect to see the same liberal pundits denouncing Roberts to suddenly begin describing him as a voice of reason. And if he keeps this up, he'll be another Kennedy before long.

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