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Quote of the Week (a.k.a Parable of the Week)

People come to a farm; they find there all that is necessary to sustain life, – A house well furnished, barns filled with grain, cellars and store-rooms well stocked with provisions, implements of husbandry, a life of comfort and ease. Each wishes to profit by this abundance, but each for himself, and begins to seize upon all that he can possibly grasp, without thinking of others, or of those who may come after. Then begins a veritable pillage; they fight for the milk and grain; they grasp more than they can consume. No one is able to sit down to the tranquil enjoyment of what he has, lest another take away the spoils already secured, to surrender them in turn to someone stronger. All these people leave the farm, bruised and famished. Thereupon the Master puts everything to rights, and arranges matters so that one may live there in peace. The farm is again a treasury of abundance. The comes another group of seekers, and the same struggle and tumult is repeated, till these in their turn go away bruised and angry, cursing the Master for providing so little and so ill. The good Master is not discouraged; he again provides for all that is needed to sustain life, and the same incidents are repeated over and over again.
Finally, among those who come to the farm, is one who says to his companions: “Comrades, how foolish we are! See how abundantly everything is supplied, how well everything is arranged! There is enough here for us and for those who will come after us; let us help one another. Let us work, plant, care for the dumb animals, and everyone will be satisfied.” Some of the company understand what this wise person says; they cease from fighting and from robbing one another, and begin to work. But others, who have not heard the words of the wise man, or who distrust him, continue their former pillage of the Masters goods. This condition of things lasts for a long time. Those who have followed the counsels of the wise man say to those about them: “Cease from fighting, cease from wasting the Master’s goods; you will be better off for doing so; follow the wise man’s advice.” Nevertheless, a great many do not hear and will not believe, and matters go on very much as they did before.”

Leo Tolsoi – “My Confession, My Life, My Religion” pg 129

And so it is, A life lived for yourself is a life of pillaging and robbery. Only is it when you allow yourself to be concerned not with your own needs but the needs of those around you that you choose the road of selflessness and compassion. A world of individuals is a world where only the tough survive. A world of communities is a world where everyone has enough.

Quote of the Week

“The Heart has it’s reasons, which reason knows nothing of.”
– Blaise Pascal

Quote of the Week

So… This weeks quote goes right along with the lessons I learned last week from my friend at starbucks and from mister Hugh Laurie.

“Life must be understood backward. But one forgets the other principle, that it must be lived forward. When one analyzes this latter principle one inevitably comes to the conclusion that life in time can never be properly understood because no moment in which one is living can acquire the complete stillness necessary to orient oneself backward.”
– Søren Kierkegaard

Quote of the Week

“Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the wood, do not let it grieve you, no one leaves for good. You are not alone, no one is alone.”
– From the Musical “Into The Woods.”


I can’t keep from thinking about a short discussion I had while I was home. It’s one of those conversations that you can tell in the long scheme of things is going to be an important one, a conversation aborning a life at a crossroads.
So here I was sitting at Starbucks and in comes one of my favorite customers, I really mean it; on a list a mile long of my favorite customers this lady is on the top of my list. (She used to get a Double Tall 1 pump, nonfat, no whip, no foam, extra hot, vanilla latte.) Anyway, I immediately head toward the door with my arms opening to give her a hug. It was so good to see her! The first question she spoke, was the one question that proved she was able to read me like a book, “Are you back for good?” So we spoke for a while, about why I was thinking of moving back home. She then mentioned an idea. “I don’t believe in mistakes,” she said again reading my every look. “It wasn’t a mistake to go and it’s not a mistake to come back.”

Then later, while I was sitting on a airplane waiting for the captain to arrive (I waited an hour and half) I picked up the magazine that was in the seat pocket in front of me. Hugh Laurie was on the cover and since I am a fan of his talented protrayal of Gregory House on the FOX drama “House” I decided to read the article. In the article Hugh Laurie says this while comparing his career as an actor to the short time he spent in competitive rowing competitions.

In both of them, you’re facing backward moving away from the direction you’re facing… When you look at other people’s careers, it’s very easy to see things as being constructed, planned, devised… In actual fact, I think we are all facing backward, stumbling from place to place, from one thing to the next, and it only takes shape in retrospect… At no point did I ever have a plan. I was simply facing backward, doing my best along the way.

The important thing to realize is that “truth” most likely balances out somewhere between this concept and the concept of living life purposefully, but it’s very interesting to me because I am very unbalanced on the side of planning my next several steps.

It’s probably going to work in my benefit that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m sure Jake will agree.

Quote of the Week

“I argued that the truth which is in God cannot be attained by any one man, but can only be reached by the union of all men through love. In order to attain truth we must not go each his own way; and, to avoid division, we must have love one to the other, and bear with things which we do not agree.”
– Tolstoy

Quote of the Week

If it’s a broken part replace it. If it’s a broken arm then brace it. If it’s a broken heart then face it.

-Jason Mraz

Quote of the Week

For My Best Friend and Little Brother…

Sometimes it’s like you are an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.


Paradox of Thought and Emotion

This is a quote from a post on Jake’s Blog.

I sit with my face placed keenly between my knees, pleading with the void for something more than this; for something more than me. I try hard to clothe my nakedness with noise, and as my heart beats… they ring true with a knowledge beyond their comprehension: I am alone.

It’s amazing… because I could say the exact same thing, using the exact same words, but yet, we both are expressing these ideas with a very different meaning and and a very different emotion attached. Weird… Huh?